Camp Creative 2018


One problem for smaller towns in Scandinavia and Malta is that young people move to larger cities. This means that companies in the smaller towns find it difficult to recruit qualified personnel, and that fewer young people have to take care of an increasing number of older people.

Your mission is to develop a plan to reverse this development!

You will make suggestions, both creative and realistic, which makes it more attractive for young people to live (maybe in Östersund, Trondheim or Rabat) or to move back when educated elsewhere.

In order to complete the assignment, you need to find out what affects young people’s choice of place of residence, what attracts in larger cities and what you need to develop in your home town.

Then you will come up with creative and realistic suggestions on how to attract youngsters.

You must submit a written PM of up to 5 A4-pages, including pictures, and prepare a pitch with pictures, maximum length of 2 minutes.

Your PM must include a status report, an account of your research, your suggestions and the likely outcome of your proposals. Your PM will leave you no later than 14.00. In English of course!

The jury will select 5 teams who get the chance to pitch their proposal from the stage. In English of course!

The jury then decides which team wins according to the following criteria:

Bildresultat för brain drainCreative height 40%

Realistic feasibility 40%

Pitch quality 20%

During the day, different teachers and staff from JA / YE and local companies will coach your team.

You decide when you have lunch together in your team. the award ceremony at 16.00, pizza slice and soft drinks are served.     

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